Cuebook monitors your business metrics

Know when, where and why a metric isn't right. Ensure fast action.

Personalized and Autonomous Anomaly Detection at Scale

Cuebook uses machine learning to identify significant dimension combinations relevant for you, from amongst millions of combinations. For each combination, Cuebook learns the metric's normal behavior with weekly and daily seasonality, including holiday effects. Cuebook then monitors and alerts you when it finds an anomaly.

Autonomous Root Cause Analysis

Cuebook uses time-lagged lineage across your business metrics to automatically identify root causes for anomalies. You can instantly analyze non anomalous data as well.

Search-driven Insights and Anomalies

Search for any metric, dimension, value or a combination of these. Get instant insights and anomalies.


Collaborate with your team to take action.

Metric Lineage

Lineage across your business metrics, with time-lag.


See only relevant and significant anomalies. Additionally, curate anomalies. Say bye to false alerts.

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