anomaly detection

How to reduce Customer Churn via Anomaly detection?

A few years ago, I helped an Indian payments company build its data platform. The company provided card swipe machines to its customers. Its customers included large retail chains to mom-n-pop stores. The company had a huge feet-on-street team to … Read More

Why Anomaly Detection at Scale is Hard, Expensive and Noisy

Say you work for an online retailer. Your store sells 1000 products. You want to run anomaly detection on daily orders for each of these 1000 products. This means the following: Number of Metrics = 1 (Orders) Number of Dimension … Read More

Anomaly Detection: Business metrics vs. Technical metrics

In my previous post What is an Anomaly, we looked at why it is not simple to define what is normal for a metric. What’s normal for a metric depends on at least two factors – granularity and the amount … Read More

What is an Anomaly?

Over the last few weeks, I gave demo of our product to a few friends and acquaintances. These people range from engineers to product managers to analysts to non-technical business folks. One of the key takeaways from these conversations was … Read More